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Pacific Lutheran University Archives

Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) is a small, private university located in Parkland, Washington. As part of my MSLIS graduate program at Syracuse University, I partnered with the PLU University Archives & Special Collections for a 10-week internship project. The final deliverable was a complete digital exhibition timeline spanning the history/culture of PLU from 1890-2019.


The process involved deep research using books, records, archived university publications, and digitized photographs to form a diverse and comprehensive list of historical events. I used these sources to create and write the content for the timeline. To create the timeline itself, I compiled and formatted the information for each timeline event to link up with a Javascript-based system called TimelineJS. I also curated the overall design for the timeline, creating a custom background image using digitized archival imagery to encapsulate the exhibition content.


Project included:

  • Digital exhibition design and layout
  • Information organization
  • Archival research and citation
  • Content writing and editing