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Docent Notes

Docent Notes is a bi-monthly, 16-page digital arts publication featuring news and articles contributed by TMA leadership, staff, and Docents at the Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo, Ohio.


I developed the initial brand, style, and layout in 2014. But as the magazine evolved, I recognized that some elements of the design weren’t serving the new types of content that were being featured.


In 2019, I rebranded the magazine from the ground up. With this upgrade, I wanted to present something more modern and more confident that matches the new bold directions the Museum and the Docents are exploring today.

Brand identity goals & highlights:

  • Consistency with larger Toledo Museum of Art brand and other Museum publications, but with elements unique to Docent Notes
  • Classically elegant with a fun, artistic twist
  • Highlights the Docents’ passions for art and education

Services provided:

  • Brand and identity development
  • Logo design
  • Layout and formatting
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Remote collaboration
  • Archiving and version control